BOPP Laminated PP Bags

BOPP Laminated PP Bags

Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Laminated PP Woven bags, or BOPP laminated bags, are among the newest developments in the packaging sector. They extend the product’s shelf life because of their improved weather resistance and photographic look.

BOPP Laminated bags are made of two layers of polypropylene: woven polypropylene, which is used to make the bags, and BOPP Film, which is another layer of polypropylene that has been laminated and printed with graphic images. We have a strong logistics department to ensure product delivery on time, an in-house design team to assist you in creating the best possible product appearance, and experienced workers to manufacture the best bags. We may provide customized BOPP laminated bags based on the unique needs of your goods.

















  • Outstanding print image quality
  • Reverse printing ability that cannot be scratched off
  • High tensile strength, good dimensional stability and flatness
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • High gloss surface enhances marketability of the product
  • Fewer layers, reducing weight and freight cost
  • Water and Moisture barrier
  • Customised solutions possible

BOPP Woven bags share the properties of its parent material Polypropylene. In addition to its usual qualities, BOPP's Biaxial Orientation process results in increased toughness of the material, enhanced clarity, quite improved stiffness, more resistance to substances like oil and grease. Impact resistance, flex crack resistance, and low-temperature resistance are some of the other qualities. In addition to this, it can be modified significantly along with the controllable transparency and increased barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen. All these unique qualities are essential for the long-lasting use of your products.


BOPP Laminated PP woven bags are available in different sizes and designs with capacity rang- ing from 5 kgs up to 50 kgs and are widely used for packing of-

→ Rice

→ Wheat

→ Spices

→ Flour

→ Fertilizers

→ Seeds

→Grains & Pulses


→ Salt

→ Chemicals

→ Tea & Coffee

→ Animal Feed

→ White Cement & Wall Putty

→ Outer Packing or Product Promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality BOPP packaging is made using only the quality materials & best manufacturing processes to guarantee a superior product that is safe to use for food. When you work with the right BOPP Bag manufacturer, you can ensure the manufacturing process makes bags effectively by using the right method; resulting in no poor quality BOPP bags. In addition, the following are step-by-step processes that leading BOPP bag manufacturers will take to deliver an exceptional bag that meets your packaging needs. 

  1. Melting: Pellets of polypropylene resin are heated to the melting point.
  2. Extrusion: The material is melted and forced through a die to create a continuous film.
  3. Stretching: To increase the film's tensile strength and clarity, it is stretched in both the machine direction and the transverse direction.
  4. Printing: Images or text are printed on the film.
  5. Making Bags: To make bags, the printed film is cut, folded, and sealed.

As for now, we know that BOPP bags are widely used in the packaging industry due to their durability & moisture resistance properties. However, there are three bestselling types of BOPP bags available on the market. Have a look.

BOPP Woven Bags

A BOPP woven bag is a type of packaging bag that combines the strength and durability of woven polypropylene fabric with the transparency and printability of BOPP film. The bag is constructed by laminating BOPP film on the outside of a woven polypropylene fabric, creating a strong and versatile packaging solution. are commonly used for packaging materials like grains, rice, sugar, cement, chemicals, and other bulk or heavy-duty materials.

BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated bags are one of the widely used BOPP bags in the packaging industry. These bags come with a layer of BOPP film outside to improve their strength. In spite of this, it is allowed to laminate BOPP film with an additional layer of material like paper or woven fabric on both sides of the bag. The BOPP laminated bags are ideal for packaging products that demand clear visual appeal and barrier protection; including pet food, fertilizer, confectionery, etc.